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Malcolm McAuley's Articles

Dynamics 365 Cloud Migration: Rebuild or Lift-and-Shift?


Ready to up your CRM game? Here are the six benefits of rebuilding Dynamics 365 instead of migrating and C5's strategy guide for a successful move.

How to Enable Power BI Data Visualizations


Power BI data visualizations provide a quick and easy way to get powerful insights from your Dynamics 365 data directly within D365 itself.

Feature Review: Duplicate Detection in D365

Data integrity is a critical component of a successful CRM. Duplicate data can easily be avoided by using the Duplicate Detection function in D365.


Feature Review: How to Bulk Delete Records in Dynamics 365

Learn how to create a bulk delete job in Dynamics 365 to remove old records that are cluttering up your system.

"Dynamics 365 – Custom" App Button: To Hide or Show?

This short blog will answer a simple yet odd question that arose recently on one of our projects about the visibility of the “Dynamics 365 - custom” button.

Enhanced Integration: Microsoft Teams + Dynamics 365

The enhanced integration of Dynamics 365 for Microsoft Teams enables users to collaborate seamlessly, accelerate productivity, enhance engagement, and more.

How to Integrate Microsoft Teams Chat With D365

Learn how to integrate your Microsoft D365 environment with Teams Chat to better leverage powerful new features available to organizations like yours.

Basic Integration: Microsoft Teams + Dynamics 365

The integration of D365 and Microsoft Teams brings together two tools an organization’s team can use to navigate each day and be more productive.

How to Teach Yourself Microsoft 365

Want to learn how to master Microsoft 365 tools? These tips will provide a framework for how you can prepare for and research its various features.


M365 - Using Conditional Formatting for Agreement Expiration

Looking at a use case for leveraging SharePoint Document Library, we guide you through conditional formatting to highlight almost expired agreements or documents.

Achieving On-Going Leadership Buy-In for D365 Projects

Leadership buy-in is a critical component of any project. In this article, we discuss the importance of buy-ins, plus tips on achieving and maintaining them.

Creating a Basic D365 CE Roadmap

Your team is enthusiastic about new features/systems, but how do you implement them effectively? We’re breaking down the basics of building out a D365 CE roadmap.

The Question of D365 Environment Structures

In this blog we break down different configurations for D365 environment structures, with our recommendations on the most effective approach for your organization.

Part 2: Forms Processing & SharePoint Metadata

Using our Forms Processing model built and trained in part one of this series, we'll show how to append the data as metadata in a Sharepoint Document Library. 


Part 1: Forms Processing & SharePoint Metadata

In part one, we provide a detailed overview and instruction on how to build and train an AI Forms Processing model to use in a SharePoint Document Library.

How Visionary Demos and LUCK Will Set Your Team Up For Success

System administrators can save time and foster a strategically-minded approach to an organization's work by creating a visionary demo using the LUCK system.

Cost Per Lead in D365

We've helped many businesses take on the task of tracking campaign performance. Here's how we helped a client use their compiled data to analyze their return on investment.


Feature Review: Quick Campaigns

Need to track engagement with numerous customers about a specific purpose? Here's how to use Quick Campaigns to collect data on activities using your records.

Feature Review: Everything You Need to Know About Column Level Security in D365

The Column Level Security feature through D365/CRM protects the privacy of employees by ensuring only the right people have access to sensitive information.


On-Prem to Online Migration - LUCK Series: Know

Moving from on-premises to the cloud can be overwhelming, but with proper planning and effectively applying the LUCK principles, it doesn't have to be.


On-Prem to Online Migration - LUCK Series: Connect

You've listened and analyzed the data. You've validated your understanding and built out a migration plan. You know what data is coming over, what you're doing with the information you're not migrating, and created a strategy to manage the necessary components to configure/build-out. Now it's time to put those plans into action.

On-Prem to Online Migration - LUCK Series: Understand

Now that you've listened to your users, executives, the data, and your soon-to-be legacy systems, it's time to analyze all of that information to truly understand the needs and desired outcomes and build a plan.

On-Prem to Online Migration - LUCK Series: Listen

The idea of moving from on-premises to the cloud can be an overwhelming thought, but with proper planning and effectively applying the LUCK Principle, the process can be enlightening and engaging for many users within the organization.

Feature Review: Saving, Sharing, and Assigning Views in Advanced Find

So what happens when you build a stellar view that you can use again? Learn how to save, share, and assign views to other team members in Dynamics 365.


Feature Review: How to Share Records in Dynamics 365

Learn how a user can allow another user access to a record they own or have rights to in Dynamics 365 using the Sharing feature.

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